Sugar Detox & Burpee Challenge – Day 3

21 Day Sugar Detox: Today started off pretty good, but I ended up taking my car to get an oil change, tire rotation, and balance that ended up taking WAY longer than I expected.   As a result, I didn’t eat dinner until about 9pm and by that time I was…let’s just say…a little on edge!!  … Continue reading

Sugar Detox & Burpee Challenge – Day 2

Check out PaleOMG’s 21 Day Sugar Detox Results!  This is encouraging to me.  And after yesterday, I kinda need it! 21 Day Sugar Detox: Today started off not so bad.  I feel pretty good…normal really.  I expected to feel famished and run down this morning…nope! Here’s what I ate today; Breakfast: Same as yesterday, ground … Continue reading

Sugar Detox & Burpee Challenge – Day 1

21 Day Sugar Detox Ok, so the day started off not so bad, though I will definitely need to make some adjustments to my planned breakfast and lunch. Breakfast: Ground turkey with chopped broccoli and spinach, seasoned with thyme, parsley, salt, and pepper.  This is a variation of my turkey breakfast hash minus the sweet … Continue reading

Sugar Detox & Burpee Challenge – The Day Before

So, here I am…the day before I start my sugar detox.  Some of you may be asking, Why am I doing this?  My poor unsuspecting fiance is somewhat unwillingly participating in this detox with me, and he asked me that exact question this morning.  I thought, hmmm…why am I doing this?…Oh yeah, because sugar is … Continue reading

Sugar Detox

Ok, so I have decided to try a sugar detox.  I think the last true holdout for me on this Paleo diet is sugar.  Although I don’t feel  I eat that much sugar, it’s something I crave and I’m hoping this will help me.  I read on one of the blogs I follow about someone … Continue reading

Pregnancy And Disease

Should someone with a rare disease even consider trying to get pregnant?  That was a question I asked myself shortly after my Churg Strauss diagnosis.  Healthy or not, a lot of people don’t even think about the consequences of pregnancy.  I have always been one to think things over and plan and prepare when I … Continue reading