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Anxiety, Panic, and Depression

Traumatic events tend to make people question life.  For me, one of those events was my Churg Strauss diagnosis. It was like I ran full speed into a brick wall.  Suddenly one day I stopped and had this overwhelming feeling of despair.  Questions ran through my head like, why am I here?  Thoughts of every … Continue reading

Life Is Hard…Be Kind

It’s been what seems like forever since my last post.  I am taking classes part time, work full-time, planning my wedding that is coming up in September, studying for an IT certification, learning new skills at work in preparation for a promotion next year, and I’m also dealing with the rest of whatever life throws … Continue reading

My Journey Down the Yellow Brick Road

Until today, I didn’t really have a way to describe what I went through after diagnosis, but after I thought about it, the Wizard of Oz came to mind for some reason.  This story may have a different meaning for you, but when I think about it today, I can relate it to my journey … Continue reading