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Pregnancy And Disease

Should someone with a rare disease even consider trying to get pregnant?  That was a question I asked myself shortly after my Churg Strauss diagnosis.  Healthy or not, a lot of people don’t even think about the consequences of pregnancy.  I have always been one to think things over and plan and prepare when I … Continue reading

Anxiety, Panic, and Depression

Traumatic events tend to make people question life.  For me, one of those events was my Churg Strauss diagnosis. It was like I ran full speed into a brick wall.  Suddenly one day I stopped and had this overwhelming feeling of despair.  Questions ran through my head like, why am I here?  Thoughts of every … Continue reading

WARNING: Side Effects May Occur

I have a love/hate relationship with medications. Medication is keeping me healthy and alive right now, but I am also suffering side effects from it (covered in my upcoming posts.) There is no doubt that drugs are one of human-kind’s most valuable creations. They can heal, relieve pain and suffering, and more. They can also … Continue reading