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Question Everything!

We all ask questions. It’s what makes us human. As humans, we have the ability and reasoning to search for answers to our questions. It’s how we have evolved and created practically everything in our environment. Look around you this very moment. Do you see anything that was not created by a human? Probably not, unless you are outside! I refuse … Continue reading

WARNING: Side Effects May Occur

I have a love/hate relationship with medications. Medication is keeping me healthy and alive right now, but I am also suffering side effects from it (covered in my upcoming posts.) There is no doubt that drugs are one of human-kind’s most valuable creations. They can heal, relieve pain and suffering, and more. They can also … Continue reading

My Journey Down the Yellow Brick Road

Until today, I didn’t really have a way to describe what I went through after diagnosis, but after I thought about it, the Wizard of Oz came to mind for some reason.  This story may have a different meaning for you, but when I think about it today, I can relate it to my journey … Continue reading


The story of my diagnosis seems so long ago.  It happened about a week before Thanksgiving in 2009.  I had an appointment with my new asthma doctor.  I had seen him at least once, and I think this was my second or third visit.  I know that I was going to see him because my … Continue reading

I’m Sure Everything Will Be Just Fine

Returning from our commercial break, we now continue the story of the girl with mysterious symptoms. Again, I have a hard time recalling the exact sequence of events, but at some point I started having aches and pains that I never had before.  (I’ll reiterate, sometimes your body is trying to tell you there is … Continue reading

What’s That Smell?

Continuing with my story…This isn’t really an incident, per say, that has to do with my diagnosis, but there is some correlation. My asthma was continuing to get worse, but in addition, my nasal allergies (allergic rhinitis) were also getting worse.  Something I haven’t mentioned in any previous posts is that for quite some years … Continue reading

Lady Luck Is On My Side…Or Is She?

Let me start off by saying, “I am lucky!”  That’s the best way I can explain my situation leading up to diagnosis.  Maybe I had some divine intervention, maybe I just made the right choices at the right time, or maybe it was just pure luck!  Based on stories about years of suffering that I … Continue reading

Will this be my last breath?

My asthma symptoms began long before I started having Churg Strauss related symptoms, but there is a correlation since the number one criteria for diagnosing Churg Strauss is asthma. I can’t remember exactly how old I was, maybe around 10 or 12, when I realized something wasn’t right.  On more than one occasion I was … Continue reading