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Turkey “Hash” Recipe

Since I started going dairy free last week, I had to find something new to eat for breakfast.  For the past 6 months I have been eating cottage cheese for breakfast…so this has been difficult.  At CrossFit I was told that each meal should have protein, vegetables, and fat.  So, I had to think about … Continue reading

Grain Free Chocolate Cupcakes!

Time for a recipe for the cupcake fans out there that want something yummy to eat on a grain free diet. Cupcakes and cookies have been one of the more difficult things to consider giving up when I was contemplating the paleo diet.  Since I decided to only start by going grain free, it left … Continue reading

Paleo, Crossfit, and Roasted Cabbage

I have been busy again…as usual.  I’m currently taking a politics course, which I thought I would not be interested in at all, that I am thoroughly enjoying! It might be the professor’s teaching style more than anything.  I have found that a professor can definitely make or break the class for me.  If they … Continue reading

Going Grain Free Is Not Impossible!

If you haven’t read my previous posts about grains and why they are bad, please do so. They will also give you some background about why I have decided to go grain free. If you are thinking about trying it yourself, please talk to your doctor first to make sure that you know what health … Continue reading