Sugar Detox – Days 13 & 14

21 Day Sugar Detox:

Tomorrow starts the final week of the detox!  Boy am I glad that I did a 21 day detox and not a 30 day detox, because I am so looking forward to eating some of the things on my “No” food list.  After the detox is over, I will write a comprehensive post about the experience overall, but I just have to say right now that this is hard!  Even though I think the experience will change how I eat afterwards (at least for a while), I can’t even tell you how much I wish I could make one of these recipes (like this, or this, or this) and chow down on them RIGHT NOW!! After this detox I don’t plan on going back to any form of sugar made from sugarcane.  I will sparingly use palm sugar, honey, pure maple syrup, and possibly all natural stevia (which I have yet to try.)  For some reason, this weekend was full of cravings!!  I feel like I have been fine up to this point, but man…I am craving me some of this! And unfortunately there is some sitting in my freezer right now. Don’t worry, I won’t cave into temptation.  I have come this far, so I don’t plan on sabotaging my efforts over the last 2 weeks for a moment of delicious, empty, sinful, (did I say delicious) pleasure!  Nope, don’t worry, that won’t happen.  (No really, it won’t.  I am 100% committed!  Just ask my fiance, who took the ice cream out of the freezer last night and tempted me with it while he begged to have some.)

Here’s what I ate on day 13:

Breakfast: Three eggs scrambled, with three pieces of bacon.

Lunch: Steak with broccoli and sweet potato fries.

Dinner: Balsamic and garlic turkey breast with asparagus. Sorry, no picture.  This was an on the spot recipes, because the planned dinner required spaghetti sauce, which apparently I forgot to buy!  So that was moved to tomorrow night’s dinner, but I didn’t have chicken out to switch recipes, so I improvised. 



Here’s what I ate on day 14:

Brunch: Two eggs scrambled, sweet Italian sausage (without sugar), kale, green onions, tomato, and avocado.

Woke up too late for breakfast and it was just about lunch time, so we had brunch!  The kale, green onions, and tomato where picked fresh from my garden, only minutes before cooking!










Dinner: Turkey with spaghetti squash, escarole, onions, and garlic in tomato sauce.  My weekly favorite (though I think it’s getting old and time to find a replacement.)



Days 13 & 14 down! 1 more week to go!!  YAY!


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