Sugar Detox – Days 11 & 12

21 Day Sugar Detox:

I am over the halfway mark for the detox!  I’m excited about this because I really didn’t think I would make it this far!  I’m feeling good, AND I have lost another 2 pounds!!  I seriously didn’t think I would lose as much as I have, and I still have another 9 days to go!  I really feel like I don’t have very much more weight to lose, and I think I am almost to the weight I was in high school (which I thought was impossible!)  My clothes continue to be too big for me, and I have resorted to buying as much as I can at Savers and Salvation Army because if I keep going the way I am, I am going to be down another size in about a week!  Since I have started changing my eating habits about a year ago, first by eliminating grains, I have lost 40 lbs and gone down 4 sizes!  Although I still have the puffy moonface from years of prednisone, I have proven that it is possible to lose weight on prednisone.  My doctor thinks this is a great feat, and I am only hoping that this will translate to better health.  Unfortunately I have had some other setbacks recently, but I don’t know right now if these are related to my Churg Strauss or not.  I will write dedicated posts about these issues after I finish my detox, and when I have more information.  For now, I will push on!

Here’s what I ate on day 11:

Breakfast: Turkey Breakfast Crumble.

Lunch: Grilled chicken with lemon juice, basil, salt, and pepper with baby carrots and pistachios.

Snack: Half of a green apple with almond butter.

Dinner: Italian Chicken Packets

Instead of canned tomatoes and frozen broccoli, I used freshly chopped versions.  I also made the dressing out of vinegar, olive oil, and Italian herbs.  This was kind of plain and I don’t think I’ll make it again.  Not bad, just a little underwhelming.









Here’s what I ate on day 12:

Breakfast: Three eggs scrambled and three pieces of bacon.

Lunch: Grilled chicken with lemon juice, basil, salt, and pepper with baby carrots.

Snack: Half of a green apple with almond butter.

Dinner: Mediterranean-style Tuna Salad
I liked this last week, so I made it again.  This time I added in some chopped black olives.









21 Day Burpee Challenge:

Burpee Challenge is done…at least for now.  I had an xray of my foot Thursday and found out I had a bone spur.  I was told no running or jumping until it “heals”.  I’m not really sure if a bone spur can heal, based on what I have read about them, but I need to take it easy either way.  This is kind of a good thing, because I hate running!  I will have to modify things at CrossFit, but it’s ok, because at least I can still go to CrossFit and just use the rowing machine instead of running.  I have also been instructed that I can’t jump, so I will probably have to do a lot of rowing to replace jump rope, burpees, jumping jacks, etc.  We’ll see how it goes next week, but for now I am taking the rest of the week off from CrossFit, as well as the weekend, so I can rest my foot.

Days 11 & 12 down!


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