Sugar Detox & Burpee Challenge – Day 4

21 Day Sugar Detox:

Day 4 and I feel good.  I haven’t had any sugar cravings today, and I have lost 2 pounds!  I wasn’t doing this detox to lose weight, but I won’t complain about that.  I think tomorrow will be a big test (as well as the weekend) because I have the day off.  That means more time to think about it, rather than keeping busy at work.  Hopefully I will have enough to do to keep my mind off of food, sweets to be exact.

Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: Once again, ground turkey with chopped broccoli and spinach, seasoned with thyme, parsley, salt, and pepper.  This is a variation of my turkey breakfast hash minus the sweet potato and maple syrup.

Lunch: Whole Foods grilled chicken seasoned with salt, pepper, and basil. Including baby carrots, and sweet potato chips.

Snack: Some almond butter, no celery.  I wasn’t very hungry today.

Dinner: Turkey & Bacon Club Salad

This salad was another hit!  I used fresh lettuce and green onions from my garden, with herb turkey deli meat from Whole Foods, a whole bunch of yummy bacon, chopped red onion, and half an avocado.  All this was drizzled with a fresh lemon juice, olive oil, and salt & pepper dressing.  I stuck to the recipe on this one and I will definitely make this again!  I think it was the bacon and avocado that made this so yummy!

So, overall today was really good.  No sugar cravings, I wasn’t very hungry, and I have lost 2 pounds in 4 days!  I think that’s crazy since I have been steadily, but slowly, losing weight since giving up grains.  The weight loss came to a stand still before I started CrossFit, then after about a month doing CrossFit I started losing again.  The past few weeks I’ve been at a stand still again, but now with this detox, it seems to be falling off!  Maybe this is just a temporary thing because my body is in shock, so only time will tell.

21 Day Burpee Challenge:

Ooops!  I almost forgot to do my burpees today!  It’s a good thing I’m blogging every day, because that’s what made me remember.  Hold on while I burpee…

…whew!  Ok, 8 burpees DONE!  I really wish I had done those before  dinner.

Now it’s time to talk about the burpee.  Are you wondering what the heck a burpee is?  Maybe you’ve already Googled it, or maybe you have read this post where I briefly explain what it is and include a video link showing you how to do one.  Either way, I have learned to love and hate burpees because of what they are.  Simply, they are a full body exercise.  When you do a couple at a time, they are not so bad.  When you have to do 10 or more before, during, or after a workout…they suck!  Because they are a full body exercise, they work a lot of different muscle groups and thus make you tired!  I love them because they provide such a good workout, they are free, and I can do them just about anywhere.  I hate them, well, because they suck!  Try a few and you’ll understand.  Here is a nice page that describes the benefits of the burpee, and there is a nice video showing you how to do one. ENJOY!

Day 4 down!


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