Sugar Detox

Ok, so I have decided to try a sugar detox.  I think the last true holdout for me on this Paleo diet is sugar.  Although I don’t feel  I eat that much sugar, it’s something I crave and I’m hoping this will help me.  I read on one of the blogs I follow about someone who has done this 21 Day Sugar Detox program, and I decided to give it a try.  As a result, you will be seeing more frequent posts from me (most likely on a daily basis).  I know that I have been slacking lately on my blog, so this will help me with that also.  The reason I am posting this now is to give you a chance to follow the detox with me.  Just click the image below to get more info and buy the books, it’s only $21 and you get free updates for life.  Some people do a yearly detox, and this can help with many issues, but if you are like me and want to go Paleo, then this may help get you over that hump to being sugar free.  If you decide to follow along with me, please comment below and contact me throughout the process so we can help support each other!


Come on…give it a try!  I start Monday August 6th (and it’s only 21 days…you can do it!), so join me and let’s get rid of this sugar!!


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