Snack Time! Bananas with Chocolate Almond Butter

I am addicted to Dark Chocolate Dreams!  I love to eat it with just about anything (bananas, ice cream, etc), I bake with it, mix it in smoothies, but mostly just eat it straight from the jar!  As I am transitioning more and more into the paleo diet, I have been dreading the day that I will give up this food of the gods.  In search for a replacement, I have found it a bit difficult because most of the other chocolate flavored nut butters have some kind of dairy in the ingredients.  Which is off limits since I have given up dairy as of three weeks ago.  I did find that Justin’s has a chocolate almond butter and chocolate hazelnut butter with no dairy.  They do however have sugar, which I will someday say goodbye to, but for now I will allow myself this little indulgence from time to time.  I am warning you…this stuff is expensive!  I used to buy the Dark Chocolate Dreams at Job lot for $3.50.  I think the Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter was something like $9.99…YIKES! So, I bought a couple of single serve packs at Whole Foods to give it a try before dishing out the big dough, and today is my first taste.  I decided to have it with a banana and I have to admit that it is just about as good as the Dark Chocolate Dreams, so I can happily say that I have found a suitable replacement and I can now completely give up legumes (peanuts were what was holding me back on this part).  The last hold out is sugar…and I know this will be the toughest.  My plan is to use the remaining sugar that I have in the house (which isn’t a lot) and to use only coconut palm sugar, honey, or maple syrup for a while.  Then I will get rid of the coconut palm sugar, and we’ll see what happens from there.

I think eventually I will get some plain old almond butter and mix in some melted dark chocolate and/or cocoa powder to make my own diary free, sugar free chocolate almond butter.  If I can make something that tastes remotely worth sharing, then I’ll post the recipe on my blog.  For now…step away from the Dark Chocolate Dreams and go pick up some of Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter.


One thought on “Snack Time! Bananas with Chocolate Almond Butter

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