Paleo, Crossfit, and Roasted Cabbage

I have been busy again…as usual.  I’m currently taking a politics course, which I thought I would not be interested in at all, that I am thoroughly enjoying! It might be the professor’s teaching style more than anything.  I have found that a professor can definitely make or break the class for me.  If they are not understanding and don’t try to look at the class and subject from the student’s point of view, then they are missing something.  The one’s that care about how a student does and if you actually understand the material (as opposed to just being able to pass an exam) are they ones that I have enjoyed taking classes with and learned more from.  Since this is a short 5 week summer class, we do not have any exams, just 3 papers, and he doesn’t care if we memorize facts, he just wants us to learn and understand the concepts of analyzing any situation using the information he gives us about government and politics.  That I can do!  Memorizing facts…I’m not so good at.

Anyway, on to what I really wanted to write about.  In addition to my class, full-time work, attempts to grow my first vegetable garden, etc, etc…I have decided to start crossfit.  Yeah, what was I thinking!  Well, two things…I really want to get in shape for my wedding, and Groupon!  I had been looking into crossfit for a while now, and a couple of weeks before the Groupon came out, I had asked my fiance if he would do it with me.  I made the decision I wanted to try it and just needed to save some money.  Like magic, Groupon read my mind!  There in my email was a Groupon for the exact crossfit place that I was planning to go to!  I immediately signed us both up and we are one class away from completing the on ramp.  I already think I’m hooked!

A lot of the reason I started this blog was to chronicle my journey as I tried to become healthy.  Much of that has involved changing my eating habits (which I promise I will write more about soon!)  I was really drawn to the paleo lifestyle, but knew that I could not handle jumping in head first.  This may work for some people, but for me it needed to be a gradual thing.  So, I decided to start with eliminating grains.  I have written about this a few times already in my blog.  A lot of the reading I’ve done about the paleo lifestyle lead me to crossfit, so I immediately became interested in that too.  That is what has lead me to this point where I have started crossfit, and the Groupon crossed my path at just the right time.  As part of the introduction, the trainer briefly discussed the paelo diet.  This gave me a renewed motivation to attempt the next step…eliminating dairy.  So, this week I have started to slowly eliminate it similar to how I started with grains.  At first I will not go 100%, allowing myself a cheat day here and there, and gradually working dairy products out of my recipes.  So, we’ll see how this goes.  The next step after this may be to eliminate sugar.  I am really scared of that step, but I am also starting to think that might be the most important for me based on things I have been reading lately.  There will be posts to come covering the sugar subject!

So for now I will leave you with a new, and long overdue recipe…Roasted Cabbage.

I got this recipe from Martha Stewart, and tweaked it a bit to my taste. Here is her recipe for Roasted Cabbage Wedges

The first time I tried it I used caraway seeds like her recipe says…and I HATED it!  I think I only like caraway seeds when they are in rye bread (I really should say, used to like, because I am grain free now and can’t have rye bread!)  The next time I made it I just used oil and salt and it came out delicious!  Then the next time I made it, I also made roasted carrots and chicken legs at the same time.  Since I only had one baking sheet I just crammed everything together…and created something lovely!  The fat and flavoring from the chicken legs got under the cabbage and made it even better! YUM!

Here are some pictures

Before going into a 425 degree oven:


After about 35 minutes in the oven (until chicken is cooked and skin is crispy!)


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