Posted in June 2012

Turkey “Hash” Recipe

Since I started going dairy free last week, I had to find something new to eat for breakfast.  For the past 6 months I have been eating cottage cheese for breakfast…so this has been difficult.  At CrossFit I was told that each meal should have protein, vegetables, and fat.  So, I had to think about … Continue reading

Grain Free Chocolate Cupcakes!

Time for a recipe for the cupcake fans out there that want something yummy to eat on a grain free diet. Cupcakes and cookies have been one of the more difficult things to consider giving up when I was contemplating the paleo diet.  Since I decided to only start by going grain free, it left … Continue reading

Paleo, Crossfit, and Roasted Cabbage

I have been busy again…as usual.  I’m currently taking a politics course, which I thought I would not be interested in at all, that I am thoroughly enjoying! It might be the professor’s teaching style more than anything.  I have found that a professor can definitely make or break the class for me.  If they … Continue reading

Anxiety, Panic, and Depression

Traumatic events tend to make people question life.  For me, one of those events was my Churg Strauss diagnosis. It was like I ran full speed into a brick wall.  Suddenly one day I stopped and had this overwhelming feeling of despair.  Questions ran through my head like, why am I here?  Thoughts of every … Continue reading