Life Is Hard…Be Kind

It’s been what seems like forever since my last post.  I am taking classes part time, work full-time, planning my wedding that is coming up in September, studying for an IT certification, learning new skills at work in preparation for a promotion next year, and I’m also dealing with the rest of whatever life throws at me.  The point is, I’ve been busy!  On top of that, I have been contemplating what to write about and I have written and re-written multiple posts.  For some reason I am having a hard time with this one.  I think part of it is that I was trying to cram too much into one post, so I am going to spare you the long read and break things up a bit.

Life is hard.  There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Throw in the added weight of a rare disease, and it can turn your entire world on its head.  Consider the quote “Be kind – everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” from John Watson.  I clipped this from a quotes calendar from last year and taped to my computer at work.  I often look at it and reflect on this.  I think these are words to live by, especially after having gone through the emotions that I have over the past couple of years.  No matter what you are going through in your life, remember that everyone else out there is dealing with something as well.  If you can remember this during all of your interactions with people, then it will make life so much easier.  I truly believe that.  Don’t think about how that person behind the checkout counter must be a bitch because she is not being pleasant to you.  Think about how maybe she just found out that her son or daughter was just diagnosed with a rare disease, or that there is something else causing her emotional turmoil.  It makes it a little easier to be nice to someone, even if they might not seem like they want to be nice to you.  Keep in mind that some of the battles that others face may not seem that difficult to you, but everyone leads a different life and carries different scars that can make each new battle more or less complicated.  Even something as simple as holding a door for someone can brighten their day.  It goes back to the mantra to treat others as you would like them to treat you.  If it makes you happy when someone holds the door for you or lets you out when you are trying to pull out of a street or parking lot, then do that for someone else!  These kinds of things lead to positive mental health, which in turn can help your physical health.  We are not here on this earth to make life miserable for each other.  We are all fighting the same battle of life.  It’s hard and we all have our battle wounds, so why not help each other?  Don’t wait for someone else to help you, it starts with you being kind to others.

I will leave you with this excerpt from Deepak Chopra’s Soul of Healing Affirmations:

“I will see a stranger today in the eyes of compassion.

I will remind myself that this stranger has parents and people who love her, just like me.

I will remind myself that this stranger has moments of joy, just like me.

I will remind myself that this stranger has moments anguish and suffering, just like me.

I will remind myself that this stranger may one day grow old, just like me.

I will remind myself that this stranger will go through the cycles of illness and recovery, just like me.

I will remind myself that this stranger will one day die, just like me.

Through the eyes of compassion, know this stranger not as a stranger anymore, but as a living soul, just like me.

Image by Lel4nd


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