Posted in March 2012

The Toxic Avenger!

Are we all doomed to become like the Toxic Avenger? If your shampoo, soap, toothpaste, lotion, or other personal care product had a warning stating that it contained chemicals that could cause cancer, neurotoxicity, allergies, immunotoxicity, or organ system toxicity…would you still buy it or use it? Probably not!  That’s one reason why these products … Continue reading

Going Grain Free Is Not Impossible!

If you haven’t read my previous posts about grains and why they are bad, please do so. They will also give you some background about why I have decided to go grain free. If you are thinking about trying it yourself, please talk to your doctor first to make sure that you know what health … Continue reading

Could This Really Be The Cure?

What if you were told that to cure an illness, all you needed to do was to stop eating certain foods? Maybe it would depend on how debilitating that illness was, but I think most people would be willing to try it if it was just that simple. Well, what if that really was all … Continue reading

Oh, for the Love of Bread!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, scientist, nutritionist, or in any way qualified to give you medical, diet, or any kind of health advice. Please remember that my posts will always be about my opinions and personal experiences. Always seek professional advice before making any diet or medical changes. Now that we have gotten that … Continue reading

Question Everything!

We all ask questions. It’s what makes us human. As humans, we have the ability and reasoning to search for answers to our questions. It’s how we have evolved and created practically everything in our environment. Look around you this very moment. Do you see anything that was not created by a human? Probably not, unless you are outside! I refuse … Continue reading